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March 21, 2013

March 15, 2013

March 9, 2013

February 23, 2013

January 17, 2013

January 10, 2013


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Warriors Hafltime 1

Warriors Halftime 2

Warriors Halftime 3

Battle at the Master Class 1/16 - Video

The Boys at the Master Class 1/ 16 - Video

Belly Dancing Video 1/18/11

Routines at Guicho and Alex Class, June 4, 2011




March 21, 2013

Don't forget about this event on this Saturday! We've added even MORE talent (Jazzie, Bryan and Marisa)! This event is to raise money to send to Guicho's dad in Mexico to help offset the tremendous costs of his battle with cancer. If all the nerdiness goes well, we will Skype him in on a big screen, because he wants to express his gratitude!

Zumba Flyers

I also made this flyer for my fellow Zumba Instructor, Guicho, for the Saturday class he has just added to his repertoire. I attended last Saturday and it was so much fun! It was one of the only classes that I've ever been to where all the music was Latin, which obviously he did to cater to the demographic in the area. The crowd was so into it, the energy was totally infectious! Maybe I need to move out there and then maybe people would come to my classes? Then I wouldn't get comments like, "Is ALL the music like this?" Or, "Can you play Steven Tyler?" Um, no. Zumba's roots are LATIN! That's why I fell in love with Zumba in the first place. Zumba is definitely not for everyone one (try U-Jam or Jazzercise if you don't care for the Latin flavor!), but it will always be my Number One!

Zumba Flyers

Here are a couple of pictures from Guicho's class. I love how his wife and daughters are his backup dancers!

Zumba Class

He had a good 40 to 50 people and it's only been his 3rd class there! It's sure to continue to grow and be a huge success.

Zumba Class

Peace, Love and Zumba!

Zumba Blog

March 15, 2013

Being a licensed Zumba Instructor gets you a few perks. One fairly recent one was the ability to create a customized web site. I wish they'd given us that before I purchased Zumba Con Sabor Dot Com! Not really. I like being able to FULLY customize and be in total control of my content. The URL (again limited in what you can choose) is It's got a Blog tool which I used today for the first time so rather duplicating the post here, I'll just send you over there (click here)!

Much Zumba Love!


March 9, 2013

A fellow instructor's father is ill in Mexico and a bunch of local Zumba Instructors are coming to his aid. Join us for what's sure to be a blast! So many instructors, so many flavors, so much fun and, for a great cause!

This is the first Master Class (aside from their Grand Opening last night - see below) to be held at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio. Earlier on the 23rd, a ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) Jam Session is taking place. (ZIN Jam Session = ZIN Jammer teaches choreography to ZINs.)

This place is going to be hopping! It's a beautiful studio that the girls, their family and friends have been working tirelessly to put together. The stages, the kid's area, the dressing room, the lighting, the wood floor...everything is beautiful!

Zumba Flyers

I failed to post this event BEFORE it happened, which was probably a good thing. The place was packed! There must have been close to 250 people there and many who said were coming, did not! Again, good thing! Sisters Thayna and Emely Marcelino opened the very first exclusively Zumba Studio in the Bay Area and it is proving to be a huge success. They offer classes every day of the week! (Click here for website/schedule.) I know you'll love them, but don't forget about Clayton Valley Dance Academy Zumba classes (click here for schedule)!

Although they've been holding classes for the last couple of months, they just had the Grand Opening last night. What a night! Hundreds of smiling people, tons of food, raffles, and lots of Bay Area ZINs taking the stage. (Click here for photos of the event.)

Zumba Flyers

And don't forget about the St. Patrick's Day celebration at UFC gym next Friday (click here for details)!

Zumba Conference

February 23, 2013

I never really had an interest in going to one of the Zumba conferences, typically held in Florida. The lines and throngs of people just doesn't seem like my thing, at my advanced age. There has also been a conference in London and one is coming up in France in May and in Florida again in August. I think I'll skip those.

I must say, though, I had the best time! I would do it again in a heartbeat if it were on the west coast again and in this smaller scale. We had about 3,000 Zumba Instructors at the LA Convention Center as opposed to 10,000 at the Florida ones. This was my schedule for the weekend. We arrived Thursday night and the first thing we did after registering was go shopping. I said I would NOT stand in line for hours to buy clothing. But I did. Two hour line!!!

Zumba LA Conference Schedule

It was fun to wander around LA in our bright, bright clothing and have people wondering what the heck we/Zumba was! The Theme Party was Classic Hollywood. Here are the girls, Mia, Cynthia, Tammy, me, Sepi and Midori, getting ready to go.

Zumba Classic Hollywood Theme Party

I didn't take my big camera but I did get quite a few pictures on my iPhone. I posted them all on my Phanfare Site with captions so you'll know what's going on. Click here to go to my site, If you've forgotten the password, in box me!


St. Patrick's Day at UFC

February 23, 2013

I created this flyer for the upcoming Zumba and U-Jam party at UFC in Concord. Free to guests with a donation to Stand Against Domestic Violence. Click here for Wish list Donation Items.

Zumba Flyers

Cool Flyers

January 17, 2013

People think I'm famous and these are real. They're not. Just my Photoshop skills.

Rosy Zumba Billboard

Fun, eh?

Zumba Billboard

Zumba 2013!

January 10, 2013

I'm going into the 5th year of my initial discovery of Zumba and I still love it just as much as when I took my first class back in 2008! I'm teaching five classes a week (schedule here) and still attending other instructor's classes when I can. In fact, Tuesday night I went to Mia's class at UFC. It was just like old times! I had my leg warmers on. Adrienne, Venus and I were front and center.

Remember when this was the outfit I wore to Zumba?

Rosy Leg Warmers

You can't see it but I always wore a little skirt, too. That was to hide my BFCB (Big Fat Cellulite Butt). I didn't want anyone to be able to observe said BFCB through my spandex. I remember back in the day, at 24 Hour Fitness in Concord when we all used to attend Mia's classes before everyone became instructors. That's where I first met Miguel, Alex, Guicho, Adrienne, Tammy, Alda and so forth. I remember one day Alex came up to me and said, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I really dig what you're wearing!" He was talking about my outfit above. LOL! Little did he know that those leg warmers are older than him circa 1980! That brought back memories of us all at 24 Hour Fitness in Concord which I quit going to because they switched to a number system. You had to get there an hour before class and MAYBE get one of the 54 numbers to attend the class.

Ain't nobody got time for that! (Click here to see where that came from. Love ya, Sweet Brown!)

I've since switched to wearing Zumba cargoes. That reminds me, they have new clothes out. I feel a Zumba shopping trip coming on! If you want to shop Zumba, be sure to use my Affiliate Code CONSABOR to get 10% off! Click on the photo to shop! (Hey, that's Priscila! Remember when she did an even with us? Click here.)

Priscila Sartori

Zumba on!


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