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November 30, 2015

October 7, 2015

September 19, 2015

January 27, 2015

January 23, 2015


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Still Love Zumba!

November 30, 2015

In addition to my classes that I love, we've had some fun events in the last couple of months! Most recently, we had a 90 minute Zumba Class on Thanksgiving morning. Emely, Beatriz, Claudia and I led routines for 80 lovely dancers who showed up to shake it! It was so fun! Here's a montage of a few of the routines.

Then the Fourth Annual Party in Pink took place on October 24 at Our Studio. There are tons more pictures and videos on my Facebook Party in Pink Album (click here).

Zumba Party in Pink 2015

We also had the pleasure of having Bianca Ayala, as a guest instructor at Our Studio on October 22. In the Zumba World, it goes like this: Beto (El Jefe, creator of Zumba), then the ZESs (Zumba Education Specialists) who do the Instructor Trainings, then the ZIN Jammers, who bring us (the instructors) new choreo in their Jam Sessions, then us, the ZINs. Your Zumba Instructor is part of the Zumba Instructor Network. If they are licensed, that is.

ANYWAY, Bianca is a ZIN Jammer so we were totally excited to have her drop in and teach a class. By the way, our own Claudia Lira is also a ZIN Jammer. She did have to give up the Sunday morning class but hopefully, she'll be able to pick up a weeknight class. Bianca did not disappoint! She was awesome! More pictures and video on my Facebook Bianca Album (click here). Enjoy!

Bianca Ayala at Our Studio Concord, CA

And now off to teach my fabulous Zumba Toning Class at Our Studio! See you there!


Zumba Toning

October 7, 2015

Ever since I had the knee issue, with the torn meniscus, then surgery, I've been trying to only teach classes that are lower impact. I LOVE my Zumba Gold classes at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport Walnut Creek and at In Shape Pittsburg. Like my class at 24, In Shape is growing steadily. Again, it was the first time they've had Zumba Gold there. People are a little hesitant because they think it's for 'old people'. But when they finally give it a chance, they see that it's for all ages, all levels. I have beginners, older adults, and even young folks who know who to take up a few notches to get the workout that's right for them.

The beauty of it is you can take it at your own pace, low or high. I burn between 600 and 700 calories when I teach a Gold class. In addition, there is no extreme jumping or twisting so my knees are going to last me a good, long time. The key is to LIFT YOUR feet. Don't grind your feet on the ground. This creates stress on your knees.

I also LOVE teaching Zumba Toning at Our Studio! While Zumba has kept my legs nice and toned, the added light weights we use in Zumba Toning has definitely made a huge difference in my upper body. Come on down and try it! You'll fall in love with your body!

Toned Body

Here's a little clip of my Zumba Toning Class at Our Studio!

On another note, I went for my dental cleaning yesterday. My hygienist took my blood pressure. It was 96 over 50. I asked, "Am I dead?" She said it was so low because I exercise and my heart doesn't have to work so hard.

So Zumba is good for your body, good for your heart and the best part is, IT DOESN'T FEEL LIKE EXERCISE! Whacha waiting for! Come on down!



September 19, 2015

I must say, I am enjoying the classes I teach! I only teach 4 a week and sometimes sub here and there. You can see my schedule on at Rosy Straka dot Zumba dot com, or on at Zumba Con Sabor website.

When I first started teaching this class at 24 Hour Fitness at Walnut Creek Super Sport a couple of years ago, it started with just a couple of people. It was a new time, a new format and, a new instructor (me). At the time, I really wanted fellow instructors to come and help bring energy to the class so that the members would love it and it would grow. There was always amazing energy when four, five or more instructors attended a class and shared the stage!

Alas, they never came. But in the end, I am proud to say I grew this class on my own. I did ask Janice to come a do a song that my class asked for that I don't do. She was so sweet to take time out of her busy schedule to stop in and do this for me! They loved it! By the way, she teaches at 24 Hour Fitness Alamo on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am if you're out that way. Here's Janice shuffling.

This is another clip of my class. I adore them!

The classes I teach at Our Studio on Tuesday and Thursday mornings are Zumba Toning classes. We used light weights while we dance and boy, does it do a body good! $5 drop in. We have weights you can borrow or you can bring hand weights not to exceed 3 pounds.

Did you know that the Aunt Bee character in Mayberry's age was 56?

Aunt Bee

Isn't this a much better representation of 56? Come to Zumba! Start a Rodan + Fields Regimen!

Toned Rosy Zumba

Hope to see you in one of my classes!

Zumba Convention

September 19, 2015

I was looking through my Convention Pictures. I have about 350 pics. Soooooo, I uploaded them to my Phanfare Site (click here). You shouldn't need a password, but if you do, e-mail me!

Sadly, I didn't get a clear picture with Beto this year but I did have loads of fun. We met knew friends, I got licensed in Aqua Zumba, many great Master Classes and sessions. It was a blast! Can't wait for next year! It's going to be July 28th through 31st! Here are just a couple of shots. I will try to add captions to the Phanfare site.

These are some new (and old) friends. We took a car together from the airport. Me, Tita (who happens to be Alberto Perlman's aunt!), new friend Emma from Humboldt, Michiko (who I see every year at the airport...LOL), new friend Sandra also from Humboldt and Mia.

Zumba Convention 2015 Orlando

Ran into Wally and his trainer. Yowza!

Zumba Convention 2015

Found Yannet and Norma!

Zumba Convention 2015

And Jessi!

Zumba Convention 2015

And if I don't stop posting now, I'm going to have all 350 pics here! So off you go to

Sweet Students

January 27, 2015

Do you remember my post about the Miserable Bitch who searched for me on Zumba Dot Com to tell me how much she hated my class (click here for post)?

So yesterday, I received a lovely e-mail from a lovely lady who attends my Monday class at 24 Hour Fitness. She actually looked for me to say NICE things to me. What a great feeling. I also feel a little vindicated. I played Hava Nagila and they LOVED it!

Here's her note (English isn't her first language but she did a great job): Hello From Xxxxxxxxx. I would like to impress to you that on Monday class is very exciting its a lot of to learn . We are very lucky because of you. Thanks Xxxxxxxxx ??

I'm grinning from ear to ear!

At my class this morning at Our Studio, I had some ladies who came in for my class. Specifically! Partly, because they liked my style from the Glow Master Class. Yay me!

Several of us chatted a little after class. One who had not been to my class before said she had already tried five of the eleven Our Studio Instructors. She commented on how different we all are, even when we do the same song. She loved it! Because of muscle memory, if you do the same thing over and over, eventually, you are not burning at your maximum rate. Change. Change is what keeps your body working! So she gets it! That we are all unique but we each have something different to offer.

So if you haven't tried all Our Studio Instructors yet, what are you waiting for?

Our Studio Instructors

New Year, New Possibilities

January 25, 2015

Well, there was only one post in the entire Fourth Quarter of 2014, mostly because all of our energy was being wasted on a Miserable Bitch. But no more! No one's even thinking about her sorry a$$. On the other hand, once again, Thayna and Emely persevered, overcame mountains of obstacles and are in their new location at 2041 East Street in Concord. I built their website,, and the future is definitely rosy!

So let me catch you up. We said a very emotional goodbye to the last location. We signed the beautiful murals my son painted, that of course will always be there, whether they're painted over or not. Our hearts will always stay with them and all the great times we had there.

Our Studio

Our Studio Concord

This was the last event there, our Party in Pink Zumbathon to raise money for The Cure for Breast Cancer. You're welcome.

Another emotional day. Moving day. Hoards of clients came to help dismantle and move everything. Without a new place secured, everything was put into storage.

Our Studio

Our Studio

During the two long months of negotiations, when the weather held, the girls held free classes at Todos Santos Park.

Negotiations FINALLY are complete! And we have this UGLY space.

Our Studio

No matter, We've made ugly spaces beautiful before. So everyone pitches in once again.

Our Studio

Instructors, much support!

Our Studio

The walls are painted, the floors go in...

Our Studio

The stage goes in...

Our Studio

And we have the first event...Atzimba's 30th Birthday Party. Great venue for dancing and dining events! Contact Our Studio for more information!

Our Studio

The signs goes up on the side and front of the building with a couple of days until the first Zumba class.

Our Studio

That's my Little Honey Bunch putting them up. With help from Noelia, Angel and Thayna.

Our Studio

A celebration is in order as there were over 100 people for the first day of class on January 1, 2015! Photos and videos of class are posted on the Our Studio's Our Pictures Page (click here).

Our Studio

The classes are growing day by day. There are MANY new students popping in because of the heavy foot traffic from the Post Office. Many local residents are also within walking distance and are now clients. After all the miserableness from 2014, 2015 is going to be GREAT! Life is good!

Our Studio held it's first Master Class last night. It sold out within the first 12 days. The purpose was to introduce the 11 instructors and the theme was glow! So much fun! Additional photos will be posted on Our Studio's Pictures Page.

Our Studio

My personal schedule has changed somewhat. I am still teaching the Zumba Gold class on Mondays at 11:00 at 24 Hour Fitness Walnut Creek Super Sport. I am also teaching the Zumba Gold classes at Our Studio (click here for full schedule) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:15. I am subbing long term at 24 Hour Fitness in Moraga for the months of February and March (including April 1) on Wednesdays at noon. My schedule can be found at

By the way, I noticed a CLOSING SALE sign on the furniture store next to the Floor Store. Toscana Furniture, who took over the girl's original location, remember? Remember they were also miserable bitches to the girls. They cut the time they had to move to just a couple of days, trying to steal the girls' floor from them. Little did they know the girls have an army of support and moved that floor in a couple of hours. They also erased their sign before they even moved and then wouldn't tell people who showed up for Zumba where the girls moved, even though they new it was just two buildings down. The guy made Emely cry because he threw all the stuff they hadn't moved outside.

Going out of business, eh?

Karma is a bitch, isn't it.



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