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September 26, 2012

September 18, 2012

September 14, 2012

September 7, 2012

September 3, 2012

August 17, 2012

August 3, 2012

July 27, 2012

July 18, 2012


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Warriors Hafltime 1

Warriors Halftime 2

Warriors Halftime 3

Battle at the Master Class 1/16 - Video

The Boys at the Master Class 1/ 16 - Video

Belly Dancing Video 1/18/11

Routines at Guicho and Alex Class, June 4, 2011




September 26, 2012

My friend, Jazzie, is having a Master Class and it's sure to be a blast! Come on through if you're in the area.

Zumba Flyers

The UFC Flyer below has been sanctioned by UFC, so dates, times, etc., are a go!

There's also an event in Berkeley on October 14 with a little Zumba involved. It sounds like the Solano Stroll only it's up on Shattuck. Click on this link for more information. If you're on Facebook, you can click on this link for the Facebook/Zumba information.

And as always, SHOP!!!!! Where are all you people? Doesn't anyone buy Zumba Clothing but me? Isn't anyone interested in saving 10%. Come on, People! Shop! Use the Affiliate Code: CONSABOR at checkout and save 10% on your order! Click on picture to go shopping!

Zumba Flyers


September 18, 2012

Flyer I'm working on for Mia for an upcoming event. Should be fun. U-Jam meets Zumba! Not sanctioned yet by UFC so it's still subject to change.

Zumba Flyers

FYI, no FREE Zumba in the Grove Park in Clayton tonight!

Three Things

September 14, 2012

1. If you see this before 4 p.m. PST (7:00 EST), there is a Flash Sale going on at Zumba. You need to go to this link for limited sale items:

Flash Sale

At checkout, include the AFFILIATE CODE: consabor for an ADDITIONAL 10% off! Shipping is $8.50 but with the additional 10%, I still got a pair of $65 Cargo Pants for $40. Wepa!

2. Zumba in the Park Take 2, was fun! (E did not want to be on the internet.)

Zumba in the Park

3. I made this Flyer for my Zumba Buddy Roberta! Check out her Brazilian flavored Zumba Classes!

Zumba Flyers

More Free Zumba

September 7, 2012

OK, that was fun last week. Let's try it again this week! Still trying to decide whether to pursue an official, on-going class in the great outdoors!

Zumba Flyer

Zumba Stills

September 7, 2012

Just some cute Zumba pictures I had to share. Tammy, Adrienne, Mia and I heading over to Benihana's after class on Monday 9/3. Adrienne said, "I can hear you snapping pictures, Paparazzi!"

Zumba Paparazzi

Marisa's (in yellow) first official day taking over Mia's Tuesday morning 24 Fitness Antioch classes 9/4. She did a great job!

Marisa at 24 Antioch

Dancing in the Park. 9/4.

Zumba in the Park

Tammy and Mia goofing in their coordinating outfits at UFC.

Tammy and Mia

Tammy and Mia


Very cute!

End of Another Era

September 7, 2012

Many things are changing for my favorite Zumba instructor, Mia. As I reported in my post, End of an Era, she is no longer teaching the 24 Hour Fitness class in Antioch on Tuesday mornings. Big Sigh.

Last Saturday, September 1, was her last day teaching at Sanctuary Ministry. She was one of the first Bay Area Zumba instructors and she paved the way for many successful, current Bay Area instructors. So this flyer is no longer valid either (click here). But I did revise it so that she could use it as a generic flyer for all her classes. So even though she has gone from two of the locations we were used to seeing her in, she is still all over the Bay Area! Her Zumba Pager here (click here)!

Zumba Flyers

Viva Mia!

Free Zumba

September 3, 2012

Hey, let's see if we like Zumba in the park! Try it out for FREE on Tuesday, September 4!

Zumba Flyers

New Classes

August 17, 2012

Effective August 27, 2012, we are adding two classes to the line up at Clayton Valley Dance Academy. The Monday morning class will begin earlier at 8:30 a.m. Hope to see you there! Check here for the new schedule:

Zumba Affiliate

August 3, 2012

Zumba Affiliate Code

I don't know exactly what I have gotten myself into but it sounded good!

I joined the ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) affiliate program and can offer (non ZIN's) a 10% discount when shopping at Share the code/link with anyone so that they can get a 10% discount on Zumba Wear. I believe I get a kickback, too, whenever my code is used!!! Sorry, instructors don't get an additional 10%.

The discount is available now.  My affiliate code is: consabor or just click on this link:

Much Zumba Love!

New Zumba Class

July 27, 2012

Due to popular demand, we've added a new night of Zumba at Clayton Valley Dance Academy! Monday night from 8 to 9 pm, beginning Monday, July 30, 2012. See you there!

Zumba Flyer

Also, I've included a non password protected link to the photos from the 4th of July Master Class (click here). Enjoy!

Pam also took video of me leading Moves Like Jagger. Here's a little clip:

And, for those of you who missed the Dirty Dancing routines last night, here's a clip of Johnny's Mambo. You'll be ready when you get back!

Zumba Updates

July 18, 2012

Classes at CVDA have been going great! I've got a few mother/daughter duo's (16 year olds) -- only one set here today. It is SOOOO cute! Our smaller room can comfortably accommodate about 15 people. A couple of Thursday nights ago, 25 people showed up and we had to move to the big room! Fun, fun, fun! And by the way, the lovely young lady in the hat has lost mondo pounds and is in a size 6 (picture deceiving). She did not lose all the weight through Zumba but recently added it to her repertoire and continues to lose!

Clayton Ladies

Mia put on a 4th of July Zumba Master class (flyer below). IT WAS THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY! Over 200 people came! 10 instructors graced the stage and although a little crowded, a great time was had by all. It was so good to see so many talented and different styles! Mia's husband and daughters, as well as Adrienne and Tammy, helped with the BBQ afterwards. We really must do this again soon! I've uploaded a zillion more pictures on my Phanfare site, I would be glad to share the password with you, just send me an email for it to Additionally, if you absolutely loved any of these guys and would like to find out where they teach, just go to their Zumba profiles. I've included the links in their names (from left):

Oscar Solano Jr.
Miguel Barajas
Yannet Torres
Amelia Arellano and Jeremiah Bustos (Jay not pictured)
Amelia (Mia) Said
Rosy Straka (Me)
Robin Cranford
John Vehikite
Luis Oliva

Master Class Instructors

We were at Eagle Lake last week and I must tell you, I missed my Zumba classes SO much! The ones I teach and the ones I take! I didn't make it to Amelia's awesome class on Sunday, but I did teach mine on Monday, then I headed over to Mia's at UFC.

On Tuesday (yesterday), I went to FOUR classes! I started out my Tuesday as usual at Mia's class at 24 Hour Fitness in Antioch. Guicho was there, guest instructed and it was tremendous fun as always. Then, Alex had a special class for his birthday at Pacheco and yes, I went! Alex's class was great fun as always! Andrea and Yuyi did a special little tribute dance for him. For Alex's profile/classes click here.

Andrea and Yuyi

The best 'drive by' instructor was in the house, too! Miss Jazzie Jazz Evans (click here for profile)! I was honored to be photographed with them.

Jazzie, Alex, Rosy

Then a Special Birthday cake for Alex. And they're off to the celebration at Lisa's!

Alex' Birthday

I, however, continued on with my third Zumba class of the day with Mia, at Sanctuary. There's a drive by there, too! Thayna is in the house and samba'ing like no other! They were moving so fast, my camera couldn't keep up. I did a routine with Mia...had a fabulous time and then.....

Mia and Thayna

Headed to my fourth Zumba class of the day with Mia at UFC. Thayna came along as Mia's guest. She did a fun little routine that Theresa would have loved! We did some routines together then Edward did a beautiful routine as well. A beautiful Zumba end, to a beautiful day. And I think I burned about 1, 800 calories!


If you're looking for a class on Friday evening, Thayna and Roberta are having a special class! This Friday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m. at El Rancho, 1450 Monument Boulevard in Concord for only $3 (THREE). Free parking! Questions? Contact Roberta at 925-577-8323 or Thayna at 925-286-0782. You can also visit their profiles at Roberta Santos and Thayna Marcelino.

I'm also missing my Bryan Guzman (click here for profile) and Marisa Fraile (click here for profile)! Hope to see them Friday!

I love spreading the Zumba Love and helping you find more and more instructors to enjoy!


My current passion...Zumba!


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Zumba with Alena - Alena Groopman

And maybe one day soon, my Zumba page will be here filled with the classes that I'm teaching! In the meantime, here are a few Zumba ramblings.

I created all but the DJ Francis and Party in Pink flyers on this page. I can create one for you, too! $50 for a flyer in your choice of format (.jpg, .png, .pdf) with a reasonable amount of edits. Will work for Zumba clothing.

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