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November 28, 2013

November 26, 2013

November 23, 2013

October 25, 2013

October 11, 2013


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Warriors Hafltime 1

Warriors Halftime 2

Warriors Halftime 3

Battle at the Master Class 1/16 - Video

The Boys at the Master Class 1/ 16 - Video

Belly Dancing Video 1/18/11

Routines at Guicho and Alex Class, June 4, 2011



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Zumba Flyers

Zumba Flyers


Thanksgiving 2013

November 28, 2013

The girls at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio decided to have a Thanksgiving morning Zumba. We expected a good turnout but what we got was a fantabulous turnout! Seventy-five lovely, energetic Zumba enthusiasts and four instructors, Thayna, Emely, Nancy and me, to kick-off Thanksgiving. What a blast we had!

Zumba Thanksgiving 2013

Here are Thayna and Emely leading 'Work'. No she's didn't drink too much beer, she's pregnant. And here is the amazing part, she's due in 5 days on December 3rd and look at her go!!

See you on Sunday!

Christmas Master Class and Move

November 26, 2013

Next up at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio is a combo Christmas and moving celebration. They have finally been granted their permement location, just two doors down from the current location! We'll be celebrating with a Master Class on Friday, December 22, 2013! Woo-hoo!

Zumba Flyers Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio

Fab Five Billboard

November 26, 2013

I was just remembering this 'billboard' I made. Made me smile.

Zumba Flyers

Holiday Schedule

November 26, 2013

  • Zumba Classes at Clayton Valley Dance Academy have been canceled.
  • There WILL be a class at 9:00 am on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28, 2013 at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio.

Classes and Parties

November 23, 2013

Well, it's bittersweet but I canceled all of my classes at Clayton Valley Dance Academy. If you still have punches left and you'd like to use them, contact me and I will tell you how. These lovely ladies joined me for my last class there on Thursday, November 21, 2013. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ONE LAST TIME!

cvda zumba

I did pick up two classes at Thayna and Emely's Zumba studio on Tuesday and Thursday mornings if you'd like to join me there. It's also a $5 drop in. Locations and times are on my Zumba Con Sabor Schedule Page or my Zumba Profile Class Page.

We had a Glow Master Class at Thayna and Emely's Studio on November 15th. What a great turnout! We probably had 200 people there. I don't know how to work my camera so I didn't get very good pictures but you can get the gist of it. The Zumba Glow Party Pictures are on my Phanfare Site (click here).

Thayna and her baby bump were still dancing to heck. Due date December 3, dancing like a maniac on November 15 still!

Thayna dancing.

Here are a couple of clips of the Glow Party. It was SO much fun! Can't wait for the next one!

Class Updates

October 25, 2013

Be sure to check my schedule at or for my current class schedule. Specifically, the classes at Clayton Valley Dance Academy may be canceled within the next couple of weeks. Attendance has been dismal at best so the owner and I are talking about canceling them. First to go will be the morning classes. The Monday and Thursday evening classes are hanging on by a thread and may be spared.

I still wonder why after two years, the classes have not grown? Does Clayton really hate Latin music that much? Do I completely suck as an instructor? I don't get it. Especially since my classes at In Shape and 24 Hour Fitness are steadily growing. I've subbed for Sara at Walnut Creek Super Sport and for Bryan at Antioch 24 Hour Fitness and I get great feedback from the packed classes.

I subbed for Bryan this morning in Antioch and it was a total blast! I didn't have any instructors join me who could take a routine or two so I could catch my breath but I did have the support of Eddie and Alejandra and the Filipino Lola contingent. I got some very nice compliments including, "That was very reminiscent of Mia!" Best compliment ever! My 55 year old ass did the whole hour non-stop by myself and made them sweat! And me, too. Check out that drenched shirt! So much fun! I may be subbing for Miguel at Concord on a couple of Thursday evenings in later November if we do cancel the CVDA classes. Those are full classes, too. I hope I get to sub there! I am subbing for Sara in Concord on Saturday, November 16 at 11:00 am. Come on by!

Antioch Zumba Class 24 Hour Fitness

Thayna's Baby Shower

October 25, 2013

My fellow Zumba Instructor, Thayna, had a Baby Shower on the 13th after her Zumba Class. Bless her beautiful heart! She's due on December 4th and still teaching Zumba classes! I took a billion pictures, of course. You can see them at my Phanfare Site (click here).


Zumba Glow Party

October 25, 2013

If you haven't been to a Master Class yet, you must experience it! I had a few ladies go to their first Master Class and they LOVED it! The energy is out of this world! You get to experience a number of instructor's different music and styles. It's a total Zumba love fest. Come on, join us! I have tickets for sale. Just $10 for two hours of Glowing Zumba joy on Friday, November 15 begriming at 7:00 pm!

Zumba Glow Party Flyer

Isn't this flyer I made cute? If you want to see more about it, you can visit the Facebook Event page.

Miserable Bitch

October 11, 2013

Why do people have to be so mean? Are you so miserable you can't bear for any one else to be happy or what? Jeezus.

A couple of weeks ago, I subbed a class for a fellow Zumba Instructor. There was a woman in the class who complained to me about my mic and when it set off some feedback, she left the class in disgust. This is expected. People like who they like and we're all different.

But then, later in the day I get this email:

Comment: I was in your class at XXXXX today and walked out after 1/2 hr. Your mic was so distracting that it disrupted the music and dance. Who needs a mic when you're doing a class? Who needs so many instructions? This isn't a LESSON,after all. Who needs to hear "tap, tap, turn, right, left, now back, now forward" every minute. I come to free my spirit not have to study Zumba! I go to 7 or 8 Zumba classes a week and nobody feels the need to instruct like this. All the people just follow along and have just as good a chance of getting the steps that way as with a mic, (which by the way is not just a nuisance, but you can't even hear what you're saying on it, like being in an airplane and you can't hear the announcements that the pilot makes)! Also, I come to Zumba for the Latine rhythm which is what Zumba is about, not to dance the Jewish Hava Nagila! Gimme a break!

The miserable bitch went home, searched for me on to send this to me. I WAS ONLY SUBBING. SHE NEVER HAD TO SEE ME AGAIN IF SHE DIDN'T WANT!

Anyway, after I cried, rolled up in a fetal position, doubted myself, and then picked myself back up, I sent her this very nice and professional reply:

I am sorry you had a bad experience in my class. As this is one of my first, I'm sure I will experience growing pains as I get used to the facility and the equipment.

Like you, I love Latin music. This is why I fell in love with Zumba 5 years ago. I do try to maintain the Zumba formula of 70% Latin/World and 30% other. The song, Hava Nagila, and the routine, was provided to me directly from Zumba in a Zumba Gold training. I'm sorry you didn't like it. Thank you for your input. Have a wonderful day.
Rosy Straka

So that should have been the end of it, right? Like I said, the miserable bitch didn't ever have to see me again if she didn't want. I truly thought it was over but she replied again (I'm getting all worked up reliving this evilness again):

I refuse to be in a class with that obnoxious noise from that micraphone which interferes with the "party" concept of Zumba. You just can't dance and enjoy the music with that distraction. 24 Hour Fitness may insist on your using that, but this is not that gym. I know instructors who will NOT even teach at 24 Hour Fitness because of that, and I for the same reason wouldn't go there either.

Additionally, the Hava Nigela song was suggested in the Gold training for a "toning" class and this was not toning.

I go to 7 or 8 Zumba classes a week, and the people follow the instructor just fine without all that noise and all those instructions you give constantly. Let the people dance and have fun and loosen up - we're not trying to get certified ourselves as instructors, we're there to smile!

If you are going to continue to sub for our Zumba classes I am going to ask you not to use that mic. and to make better song choices more appropriate for "Zumba" classes. I paid for this membership recently SPECIFICALLY to enjoy the Gold classes that In Shape offers, but I can easily drop my membership, because there are many other places I can go. I don't want to show up for a class and find a sub that doesn't understand the soul of Zumba.

MISERABLE BITCH! Who doesn't know anything (I did not get Hava Nagila in a Toning Class, I got it in Gold Training and not everyone uses a mic at 24) and can't spell!

Anyway, I, of course, had my GX Group Leader in the loop. She apologized to me profusely for having been treated that way by a member (I lover her!). Being the professional that she is, she contacted the MB. She started by saying who she was and that she was calling because she understood that she had a problem in one of the classes, that she had seen the email that was sent to the instructor. The MB says, "Well then you know what the problem was.", AND HUNG UP ON HER!

AND, she proceeded to contact the Club Manager and complain that the GX Leader had called her to belittle her and treat her like a child.

Can you believe this?

That weekend, I went to class at Thayna and Emely's and the Miserble Bitch was there! What was funny to me is that when she saw me, she was visibly startled. I didn't say a word to her. But Thayna did have me lead a routine. I should have done Hava Nagila now that I think about it.

I subbed again this past week for a different instructor. I always expect people to turn away when they don't see their regular instructors and was SO hoping that if MB came, she would see me and leave, otherwise I don't know what I would have done. Sure enough, she came up to the door, saw me and left.

She was probably thet same person who complained about Emely yelling when she does her routines. My Little Honey Bunch says that's what the delete key is for.

Good riddance, MB.

By the way, I subbed for Sara at Walnut Creek Super Sport yesterday and for Bryan at 24 in Antioch. I'm sure there were people who missed their regular instructors, but everyone was positive and smiling and I even got some very nice compliments from a lot of the folks.

On to happy Zumba news...

Black Hole

October 11, 2013

We had the privilege of dancing at half time of the Raider/Redskin game on September 29. It was SO much fun! We arrived early to practice on the field, then tailgated, danced in the parking lot and watched all the crazies. There are several videos of it out there. Here are links to a couple:

Mia is the first person on the 50 yard line in the white wig. I am to the 45 yard line on her right, second person. SO FUN! We should have run a play while we were out there!

Zumba Raider's Half Time

The gang, Roberta, Katarina, Tammy, Mia (AKA Veronica Rabbit), Sepi, Lupita and me.

Zumba Raiderse Half Time

I uploaded a bunch more pictures to my Phanfare Site (

Pink Party

October 11, 2013

We had our official Party In Pink Zumbathon at Thayna and Emely's Zumba Studio. It was so much fun! We had over 200 people, 15 instructors and surpassed our goal in donations collected for Susan G. Komen.

Party in Pink Zumba Rosy Straka

Just some of the instructors.

Party In Pink Rosy Straka Zumba

I took a billion pictures and there are a couple of good ones. I posted them on my site. Enjoy!

By the way, the Miserable Bitch was here. She was wearing a pink shirt. I didn't notice if she danced when I was up. You know what? I don't care. I feel sorry for her now. She must have a really shitty life to be so mean.



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